Unrivaled Illumination | Advanced Million Color Version 3 SMD LED Light Strips

Posted by Matt P. on Nov 27, 2020

Bluetooth Car Underglow & Truck Underglow
  • New Version 3 Light Strips
  • Advanced Million Color Lighting
  • Flexible SMD LED Strips
  • Reduced to 1/8" Thickness
  • Motorcycle LED Lights
  • Slingshot LED Light Kits
  • Trike LED Lights
  • Ultra-Bright Illumination

It’s true. We’ve been known to be perfectionists when it comes to making our products as efficient as possible for our customers.

That’s something we live by around here and how we always approach the design of our LED light kits. Our goal is to bring you refined, lightweight LED accent lights that are flexible, easy to install, and blend right in with the natural contours of your vehicle.

With that in mind we recently finished creating Version 3 of our Advanced Million Color LED strip lights for kits that we make specifically for Motorcycles, Trikes and the Polaris Slingshot®. Compared to our previous strip version which has a thickness of 1/4”, these LED strips are 1/8” thick and can also be cut to fit your installation depending on the type of kit you have.

These LED strips use less resin which means you’ll experience less yellowing over time, and by making them even more flexible they can easily fit your preferred mounting location with the adhesive tape that is attached to each strip.

Like our Version 3 strips, our Advanced Million Color LEDs build on the success of the original Million Color feature by being revamped to include ultra-bright surface mounted SMD LEDs which allow for an even brighter and more spotless glow. Combining the strips and the Advanced Million Color lighting means that your vehicle will be completely transformed when you’re on the road at night.

So when you’re looking for Motorcycle LED Lights, Slingshot LED Lights or a Trike LED Light Kit, it’s time to add our Version 3 LED strip lights. They’re easy to install, take up less space on your ride while still shining brighter, and they’ll last over time without prematurely wearing down.