Upfit Your Pickup w/ Million Color Flex Slimline Truck Underglow

Posted by Matt P. on Jun 28, 2024

Underglow for Trucks
  • Flex Slimline Truck Underglow
  • (2) 46” Flex Strips for Sides
  • (2) 30” Flex Strips for Front and Rear
  • (2) 24” Flex Strips for Larger Wheel Base
  • Control Box & Wireless Remote
  • 10 Solid Color Modes
  • Flash, Scan, Fade Modes
  • Sound Activation Mode

6pc Million Color Flexible Slimline Underglow for Trucks illuminates the undercarriage of virtually any mid-size or full-size pickup with custom lighting patterns.

We call this a Slimline Truck Underglow Kit because it comes with ultra thin, flexible lighting strips packed with SMD LEDs.

This is a great alternative for any driver looking to get away from larger, rigid tubes. The waterproof strips are just as tough and durable, but they’re much lighter and more subtle while still projecting bright illumination.

There are (2) 46” flex strips for the sides, (2) 30” flex strips for the front and rear, and (2) 24” flex strips for trucks with a larger wheel base. Combined the strips are equipped with a total of 222 wide angle 5050 SMD LEDs. Each one has 3’ of power wire and daisy chains to the next with seamless modular connections.

Another benefit of these underbody lights for trucks is that they don’t involve any major modifications to your make and model. There’s pre-applied adhesive tape on each strip and zip ties for installation. We also include mounting brackets and hardware to reinforce the installation.

Once this truck underglow is installed it’s time to try out the Million Color Control Box that has 10 Solid Color Modes and lighting effects like Rainbow Modes, Flash Modes, Fade Modes and Sound Activation Mode.

As a Million Color truck underglow kit you can cycle through an almost unlimited number of variations in the shading of each available solid color.

What kind of lighting patterns will you create with your Slimline underglow lights for trucks? The best part is, it’s completely up to you between the solid color modes and different lighting effects.

Upfit your pickup with 6pc Million Color Flexible Slimline Truck Underglow. Showcase underneath your make and model with a flawless color spill that accentuates your truck and makes you stand apart on the road.