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Million Color Flexible LED Wheel Well Lights

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LEDGlow’s Million Color Wheel Well Lighting Kit, a simple addition for some added customization! Add a unique multi-color lighting effect to your vehicle’s wheel wells with 48 ultra-bright SMD LEDs housed in (4) 24” flexible tubes, an easy to use control box and a 4 button wireless remote.

If you’re looking to add a unique modification that is guaranteed to grab attention, LEDGlow’s Million Color Wheel Well Lighting Kit is the right fit for you! The Million Color Wheel Well Lights illuminate your vehicle’s wheel wells to create an individual look that allows your vehicle to stand out with multiple solid color options and a variety of different lighting effects.

These Wheel Well LED Lights utilize 48 ultra-bright SMD LEDs that are housed in (4) 24” thin, flexible tubes allowing each tube to easily contour to your preferred mounting location above the tire to the fender well or behind the strut. Each Wheel Well Kit includes a control box that features 18 solid color modes, 5 scanning modes, 5 flashing modes, 5 chasing modes, as well as a color cycle mode and a million color fade mode that allows for unlimited customization. With 5 built-in sound activation modes, your wheels can glow in unison with music as the LEDs react to the sound. All of the incredible lighting effects can easily be selected and cycled through using the control box or the included 4 button wireless remote.

Each of the flexible tubes are manufactured from extremely durable rubber and feature 13’ of power wire for maximum mounting capabilities. This Million Color Wheel Well kit can only be powered by a 12 volt system and includes self-tapping screws and zip ties to ensure installation is a breeze. Each LEDGlow Million Color Wheel Well Lighting Kit comes standard with a one year limited warranty, as well as free lifetime technical support.

Million Color LED Wheel Well Lighting Kit Includes:

  • (4) 24" High Impact, Water Resistant Flexible Tubes
  • 48 Ultra Bright, Wide Angle SMD LEDs
  • Easy to use Control Box
  • 4 Button Wireless Remote
  • 18 Solid Color Modes Include Red, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Yellow, Teal, Aqua, Orange, White, Lavender, Light Green, Pale Green, Lime Green, Light Blue, Pale Blue, Light Pink and Light Purple
  • Lighting Effects Include 5 Scan Modes, 5 Flash Modes, 5 Chase Modes
  • 1 Color Cycle Mode and 1 Million Color Fade Mode
  • 5 Sound Activated Modes
  • 13' of Wire per Tube
  • Powered by any 12 Volt System
  • Mounting Hardware and Installation Instructions
  • Free Lifetime Technical Support
  • One Year Limited Warranty
6' Wire Extensions
6' Wire Extensions

This 2pc Wheel Ring Wire Extension adds to the 13’ of wiring by extending it 6’ to reach areas of the vehicle that the wire attached to the tube cannot. Each extension hub features a 2-piece screw on design with a rubber gasket lining around the connector allowing for an ultra-tight, water-resistant seal.

  • Extends Wheel Well Tube Wiring By 6’
  • Easy To Hide Underneath Of The Car Or In The Engine Bay
  • Ideal for Tubes Being Installed to Rear Wheels
LEDGlow | Burnout In A Camaro With Our Million Color Wheel Well Lighting Kit 01:54

LEDGlow | Burnout In A Camaro With Our Million Color Wheel Well Lighting Kit

LEDGlow | Million Color Underbody & Wheel Well Junction Cable

LEDGlow's LED Wheel Well Lighting Kit Installation

Product Reviews

  1. Great lights

    Purchased these lights about a year ago and still to this day these lights work perfectly . Recently, like a week ago, I noticed in one of the settings the lights flash to the beat of music playing from a car I was parked next to at a car show. AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME. I had no idea they did this ability or setting.

    Posted by on
  2. Awesome kit, but...

    this is a great kit as far as easy of installation and function. Just one FYI if you are getting these for a full sized pick-up truck the cords from the back wheels probably wont reach the junction box under the hood. I had to drill a hole in the body under the back seat and run the cords though there to reach the box. then i powered the controll box of my amps power cords.
    Like i said works great just not perfect.

    Posted by on
  3. Awsoome

    I just got these led kit, and put them in the same day i got them. Man i got to say that these led wheel light are the snit.
    And now my couise wants some and i will buy more of these lights and kits

    Posted by on
  4. Super Bright!!!

    I got these lights and they are AMAZINGLY BRIGHT. i had these on my car in the garage and could see them flashing from across the road.

    Posted by on
  5. Amazing! Turns Heads all Night!!

    Had these installed 2 days after I got them and man do these things glow bright!! From the different colors to the speed and the direction they go is unreal! And the wide angle makes it so it also hits the street as well as the full tire! I get people behind me going side to side to see what is all the bright light I just bought the 7 color interior kit and it's going in next week along with the DVD headrests!

    Go out and buy these!! The price you can touch anywhere and the quality is awesome!!

    Posted by on

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LEDGlow Million Color LED Wheel Well Lighting Kit For Cars & Trucks - 4pc Flexible LED Tubes For Vehicle Fender Wells - Includes Music Mode & Remote

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