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Million Color Golf Cart Canopy & Interior Lights Add-On Kit

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LEDGlow’s Million Color Golf Cart Canopy & Interior Lighting Add-On Kit illuminates under the canopy and footwell of your golf cart with (2) 36” and (2) 8" flexible tubes that are easily connected to the junction box of your Million Color Golf Cart Underglow Light Kit.

Features & Functionality
Transform your golf cart's style with LEDGlow’s Million Color LED Golf Cart Canopy & Interior Add-On Lights Kit, an ideal supplement to the Expandable Million Color LED Golf Cart Underbody Kit! The light kit will illuminate the underlining of the golf cart's canopy with 66 ultra-bright SMD LEDs housed in (2) 36” flexible tubes that are installed under the canopy, shining the lights down on the seat and steering wheel. The interior tubes feature a length of 8" with 6 SMD LEDs per tube that install under the dashboard or seats, shining down on the footwell. This add-on kit cannot be used by itself, and functions in tandem with the Expandable Million Color LED Golf Cart Underbody Lighting Kit. Each tube plugs directly into the 12 port junction box included with the underbody kit. It’s that easy!

What’s Included
LEDGlow’s Canopy & Interior Add-On Lights Kit includes (2) 36” tubes and (2) 8" tubes, as well as components necessary for installation, such as 3M Tape, screws, zip ties, zip tie mounts and installation instructions.

LEDGlow’s Guarantee
LEDGlow includes free lifetime technical support and a one-year limited warranty with each purchase.

Note: This canopy add-on lighting kit is only compatible with the current generation Million Color LED Golf Cart Underbody Lighting Kit (LU-GC-M40.1).

  • (2) 36" Flexible, Water Resistant Canopy Light Tubes - 33 SMD LEDs per Tube
  • (2) 8" Flexible, Water Resistant Interior Light Tubes - 6 SMD LEDs per Tube
  • Canopy Tubes Feature 13' of Wire
  • Interior Tubes Feature 9' of Wire
  • 78 Ultra-Bright, Wide-Angle SMD LEDs
  • 10 Zip Ties
  • 10 Zip Tie Mounts
  • 4 Self-Tapping Screws
  • Installation Instructions
  • Free Lifetime Technical Support
  • One Year Limited Warranty
LEDGlow | How To Install Million Color Golf Cart Add-On Lights 04:02

LEDGlow | How To Install Million Color Golf Cart Add-On Lights

Product Reviews

  1. Great Product, But.

    I like how they look and they put out a lot of light but one problem I have is on my golf cart with a wind shield there is to much glare when driving at night and it makes it almost impossible to have them on. I wish there was an ability to turn the canopy lights on and off while keeping all the other lights on.

    Posted by on
  2. cool lights

    Buy all three kits for your cart, worth the extra expense.

    Posted by on
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