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Million Color LED Marine Boat Lighting Tube

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LEDGlow's Million Color Add-On Boat Light Tube allows you to easily install additional LED lighting tubes to your existing Million Color LED Marine Boat Lighting Kit!

LEDGlow's Add On Million Color LED Boat Light makes installing any additional marine LED light tubes to your existing Million Color LED Marine Light Kit extremely easy. Each flexible Million Color Add On Light Tube features a length of 20 inches with 12 inches of wire on each end of the tube. LEDGlow includes free lifetime technical support and a one year limited warranty with each boat LED light purchased.

Adhesion Promoter
3M Adhesion Promoter

Adhesion Promoter provides additional strength by creating a stronger bond between the light strip and mounting location that will last over time, rather than just using the provided double-sided tape. This promoter is available in 3 packets and not required for installation.

  • Provides Additional Adhesion Strength Between the LED Light & Mounting Location
  • Available in 3 Promoter Packets

Product Reviews

  1. Bright, colorful lights, but issues with product

    I purchased these last fall to install on my 20' Deckboat. I had these professionally installed at the end of last boating season (2017). I have now had them on my boat for almost 1 full season.
    The lights are bright, easy to control, and make the boat look outstanding. There are several variations of light sequences and colors.
    I have had two sets of lights come off the fiberglass due to poor adhesive. I had to reapply new adhesive backing and reinstall. I have also had one set of lights need replaced because of an apparent short in the strip (half the strip works and the other is out). When a strip shorts, the balance of the lights will not work. Not sure if this was a water issue or product issue. The strips are all sealed at the connections...?
    Overall an average product.

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