Purple Wireless SMD LED Underbody Lighting Kit

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LEDGlow’s new and improved Purple Wireless SMD LED Underbody Lighting Kit universally fits 126 ultra-bright, wide angle SMD LEDs housed in (2) 46” and (2) 36” underbody tubes to any car. Featuring a flat mount tube design with 15 degree angled mounting brackets that take up less space than the previous model, this revamped underbody lighting kit produces a much brighter and stronger color spill that surrounds the bottom of the vehicle for a custom, head turning look!

The included control box features (12) unique lighting patterns, (5) sound activation modes and a solid color illumination mode. Each lighting pattern is easily selected using the included 4 button wireless remote or by using the corresponding buttons located directly on the control box. The included music sensor plugs into the side of the control box and allows the underbody lights to flash to the beat of the music playing inside of your car! The control box will also remember the last mode the underbody kit was set to prior to your vehicle being powered off. Each underbody lighting tube features 13' of power wire, with the exception of the rear 36" tube that features 18' of power wire. This allows you to have more than enough wiring to route the power wires to the engine bay where the underbody junction cable will be mounted.

LEDGlow includes mounting hardware, installation instructions, free lifetime technical support and a one year limited warranty with each purchase.

Purple Wireless SMD Underbody Lighting Kit Includes:

  • (2) 46" & (2) 36" High Impact, Water Resistant Acrylic Tubes
  • 126 Ultra-Bright, Wide Angle 3528 Purple SMD LEDs
  • Easy to Use Control Box
  • 4 Button Wireless Remote
  • 12 Unique Lighting Patterns
  • 5 Sound Activation Modes
  • 1 Solid Color Illumination Mode
  • Underbody Junction Cable
  • Music Sensor
  • Rear 36" Underbody Tube Features 18' of Power Wire
  • Front 36" & 46" Underbody Tubes Feature 13' of Power Wire
  • 15 Degree Angled Mounting Brackets
  • Screws
  • Zip Ties
  • Installation Instructions
  • Free Lifetime Technical Support
  • One Year Limited Warranty
Purple Add-On Interior Lights
  • Purple Add-On Interior Lights
  • Purple Add-On Interior Lights
  • Purple Add-On Interior Lights

Adding Interior LED Lights to your underbody kit allows you to bring the ultra-bright underglow lighting inside your car or truck. Users typically install these lighting tubes to shine down on the footwells, whether installed underneath the dashboard, under the seats and some even install them in the trunk.

  • Add Ultra-Bright Interior Lighting to the Footwells
  • Connects Directly to Underbody Control Box
  • No Extra Control Box Needed - Plug & Play
  • 12” Tubes Offered in 2pc, 4pc, 6pc, 8pc or 10pc Kit Options
  • 21 Ultra-Bright 3528 SMD LEDs per Tube
  • Includes Junction Cable & Mounting Hardware
Purple Add-On Grille Light
  • Purple Add-On Grille Light
  • Purple Add-On Grille Light

Adding the Grille Light to your underbody kit completes the accent lighting style of your car or truck, while synchronizing your underbody color and patterns perfectly. This 24” grille tube shines underglow lighting through the grille, showcasing the front end of your ride.

  • Enhances the Front End Accent Lighting by Shining Lights Through the Grille
  • Easy Plug & Play Design
  • No Additional Controller Required
  • 24” Tube with 13’ of Wire
  • 20 Ultra-Bright 3528 SMD LEDs
  • Includes 7-Port Junction Cable & Mounting Hardware
Purple Add-On Wheel Well Lights
  • Purple Add-On Wheel Well Lights
  • Purple Add-On Wheel Well Lights
  • Wheel Well Tube Placement

Add-On Wheel Well Lights feature (4) 24” flexible tubes that synchronize colors and patterns performed by the underbody lights, to the wheel well area of your car or truck. These lights mount to the fenders and shine ultra-bright lighting onto the wheels, further expanding the underglow lighting to other areas of your ride.

  • Expands Underglow Lighting to the Wheel Well/Tires
  • Easy Plug & Play Design
  • No Additional Controller Required
  • (4) 24” Flexible Tubes with 13’ of Wire
  • Includes Add-On Wheel Well & Underbody Junction Cable
  • Mounting Hardware Included

The Purple Wireless SMD LED Underbody Lighting Kit comes with an installation guide which is available online and included with your order. You can also visit our library of installation videos which include complete step-by-step tutorials and useful tips on how to install a wide range of LEDGlow products.

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  • Very good/But could be better

    Posted by Jonathan Tucker on Jan 11, 2020

    I bought the single color LED underbody kit in purple, and honestly this kit fits perfectly for everything you need. The tubes are high quality and the lights fit above standard. The only thing i recommend is paying the extra money and getting it put in professionally. The mounts are not sturdy enough, and it looks way better professionally put in. Other than that, which is not a big deal, I highly recommend this purchase!!

  • I only buy LEDGLOW now

    Posted by Fox Cantrell on Jun 28, 2019

    In the past, I've bought two kits. Old style, new style, and this recent one. These kits are the best. Pleasing balanced glow and great support from company. Tough and durable, it took a literal avalanche to damage my old kit that I had for 2 years..even then half of it survived! Bought a new kit and found new updates in the kit. Connector box is now labeled, nice touch! Still wishing for a steady breathing mode in single color wireless, but I still enjoy the patterns it has. Mount it correctly and this will never fail you and turn heads when you go by.

  • Decent quality underglow.

    Posted by Gabby Stobbe on Apr 01, 2019

    I bought this set about two years ago and absolutely love it. I've broken one piece off and ordered a new piece and worked great! I had my two side pieces stop working just this last week but other than that they have held up great!

  • Great updated kit!

    Posted by FoxCantrell on Jun 21, 2017

    I used to have the old version of this same kit, it survived multiple cars and many years of torture on roads rough and winters. This new version is great, the flatter led mounts much better than the old round tubes, the ends are nicely sealed, and very bright and clearly the color you want. New remote is much more sturdy, while heavy but great range, youd mistake it for a keyfob for a car. Still the lovely patterns, only wish it had a pulse/breathing mode still, but still great setup!