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White SMD LED Slimline Underbody Lighting Kit

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LEDGlow's White Slimline SMD LED Underbody kit consists of (2) 46" and (2) 36" slim undercar tubes designed to create a custom solid white color effect under your vehicle using 126 high intensity, wide angle surface mounted LEDs on slim acrylic tubes.

LEDGlow has redesigned the White LED Slimline Underbody Lighting Kit to feature SMD LEDs instead of 5mm LED bulbs. The SMD LED technology upgrade allows for a much brighter and spotless white glow that standard LED bulbs cannot compete with. This 4pc Slimline Underbody Kit comes standard with (2) 46” and (2) 36” tubes that house 126 ultra-bright white SMD LEDs. Each tube features a slim design with a diameter of 5/8” and is powered by daisy chaining each tube to the next through the upgraded modular connectors. Operating this white underglow lighting kit is a breeze with the included on/off power switch that will transform your ride with one simple push of the switch.

LEDGlow includes all mounting hardware, installation instructions, free lifetime technical support and a one year limited warranty with each SMD Slimline Underglow Kit purchased.

White SMD Slimline Underbody Lighting Kit Includes:

  • (2) 46" & (2) 36" High Impact, Water Resistant Acrylic Tubes
  • 126 Ultra-Bright, Wide Angle SMD LEDs
  • Solid White Illumination Color Effect
  • On/Off Power Switch
  • Each Tube Features Modular Connectors for an Easy Install
  • 6' of Wire on Each Side of the Underbody Tubes
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Installation Instructions
  • Free Lifetime Technical Support
  • One Year Limited Warranty
Slimline LED Add-On Grille Light
  • White Slimline Underbody Grille Light
  • White Slimline Underbody Grille Light

Adding the Grille Light to your Slimline Underbody Kit completes the accent lighting style of your car or truck. This 24” grille tube shines underglow lighting through the grille, showcasing the front end of your ride and is easily mounted to the bumper support or hood latch with the included mounting brackets and screws. The tube daisy-chains to the other underbody lights, offering plug and play connectivity.

  • Enhances the Front End Accent Lighting by Shining Lights Through the Grille
  • 24” Tube with 6’ of Wire on Each End
  • Includes Mounting Hardware
Slimline Add-On Control Box & Remote
Slimline Add-On Control Box & Remote

Upgrades and replaces the power switch that comes included with your Single Color Slimline Car or Truck Underbody Kit. This control box transforms your solid color only slimline underbody kit and allows you to wirelessly control and access features that are not available from only using the power switch.

  • Fade, Flash and S.O.S. Light Patterns
  • Solid Color Mode
  • Ability To Power A Total Of 432 SMD LEDs (216 SMD LEDs Per Output Wire)
  • Easy To Hide In The Engine Bay Or Inside Of Your Vehicle
  • Includes 4 Button Wireless Remote
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LEDGlow | LED Underbody Lights

Product Reviews

  1. Super bright for first couple of months.....

    I loved these lights, installation was super easy the only tricky part was tucking excess wires away. But I ran into a problem a few months later when the less started going out on them , so now I only have two strips remaining and they are mounted on my bumper because I think the problem I had is they arnt water proof enough to be mounted on the underside of your car.

    Posted by on
  2. Under body lights

    Great light and easy to install.

    Posted by on
  3. They look great. Totally worth it.

    The lights took me some time to install because it was my first time but when it was all done the looked sick. They are totally worth the time and the money. They look good on my new 2014 mustang.

    Posted by on
  4. Low profile, great output!

    Previously I've owned the solid 4 piece wireless white illumination kit from LEDGLOW on my truck. I bought this kit for a lower price and to put on a new 2012 Jetta. The bars are completely invisible and light shines fantastic right where I want under the vehicle. Not only that but the wires are very long and you should have more than enough to complete any project!

    You cant upgrade to a wireless box kit thats slim line for effects I found out so thats a bummer but should be something for the future?

    I will be honest I did have a side go out from a seal breaking but LEDGLOW fixed it up and in 3 days shipped me a replacement!

    As for now I will add I just had the other side blow out as well, I have contacted customer service wishing the best! Always helpful!

    Problem is where you mount or how low of a vehicle are you driving?

    If you have issues dont be worryed! Contact LEDGLOW and next replacement put some sealant or super glue on the edges to assue no issues!

    Otherwise to wrap up this review, this kit is fantastic and highly recommended. Patience installing but its indeed one to shine and make your vehicle of any kind unique on the road! |

    Thanks LEDGLOW!

    Posted by on
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LEDGlow White Slimline Underglow LED Lighting Kit for Cars - 4pc White Underbody Lights Featuring Solid Color Mode & On/Off Power Switch

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