6 Seater Million Color Expandable Golf Cart Lights with Built-In Voltage Reducer

Posted by Matt P. on Oct 10, 2022

LEDGlow Golf Cart Kits
  • Limo Golf Cart Lights
  • 36 Volt - 72 Volt Batteries
  • Built-In Voltage Reducer
  • Expandable Golf Cart Lights
  • Add Canopy & Wheel Lights
  • Light Tubes Packed with SMD LEDs
  • Million Color Control Box
  • Combine Colors & Lighting Effects

Check out this all-in-one golf cart LED kit we designed specifically for limo golf carts. We just put the official stamp of approval on our Million Color Expandable Electronic 6 Seater Golf Cart Lights with a Built-In Voltage Reducer made specifically for 36 Volt to 72 Volt electric models.

The main difference with these golf cart LED lights is that you won’t need to get the voltage reducer separately. We wired it in so you have everything you need in one place. This is a plus because it saves you the time of installing one yourself. Especially for anyone who might not be familiar with how to go about doing it.

Our golf cart LED underbody lights are sure to put any stretch golf cart on display. You get (2) 46” and (2) 18” water resistant, flexible underbody tubes packed with wide angle 5050 SMD LEDs. Your friends are gonna love the ride when you program different colors and lighting effects to create custom patterns that showcase your limo golf cart.

If you have an electric extended golf cart with a 36 Volt, 48 Volt or 72 Volt battery, this golf cart light kit was made for you. It comes with everything needed for the install like a 12 Port Junction Box, Connection Cables, Mounting Hardware and a whole lot more. We also include instructions that walk you through the process step by step.

With the expandability option, you can add a 4pc Million Color Golf Cart Canopy Lighting Kit and 4pc Million Color Golf Cart Wheel Well Lights. Match the same colors and patterns you have set in the golf cart underglow lights for an unrivaled lighting experience for your EZGO, Yamaha, Club Car and other models.

What will your limo golf cart look like when you scroll through different color options and work in effects like Fade Mode, Flashing Mode, Strobe Mode and Sound Activation Mode? 6 Seater golf carts aren’t just for the golf course anymore. Add a new dimension for you and your passengers during your next drive after sundown.