LEDGlow Expandable Million Color 4-Seater Golf Cart Underglow

Posted by Matt P. on May 07, 2018

LEDGlow Golf Cart Underglow
  • Expandable Golf Cart Underglow
  • Interior LED Lights
  • Canopy Lights
  • LED Wheel Lights
  • Portable Control Box
  • 10 Solid Color Modes
  • Strobe, Fade & Flash Modes
  • Million Color Cycle

Are you interested in a cutting-edge lighting system that will make your golf cart stand out in a unique and exciting way? If the answer is yes, then you’ve got to try LEDGlow Expandable 4-Seater Million Color Golf Cart Lights.

After all, golf cars aren’t just for the course anymore and golf cart LED lights are growing in popularity! Whether you’re street legal, out on a college campus or riding through a private community, there’s no denying the amazing impact that golf cart lights can have on the functionality and appearance of your gas or electric golf car.

Our Expandable Million Color Golf Cart Underbody Light Kit is better than ever! That’s because it has recently been updated from its original version to provide you with even more fun features to explore. This multi-color golf cart light kit has been tailored to the fit and functionality of an LSV golf cart making it a truly custom-designed product.

Building on the first version of the kit, the new version features (2) 18” flexible tubes and (2) 28” flexible tubes for a total of 92 ultra-bright Wide Angle SMD LEDs. One of the more notable features is the option to expand the kit and add Interior, Canopy and Wheel Well lighting to build on the underbody LED lights for golf carts. With these exhilarating options, one thing is for sure: you can ride in style and luxury with Expandable Million Color Golf Cart Underbody Lights.

The Interior LED Lights feature (4) 8” Interior Tubes, while the LED Wheel Well Lights have (4) 12” Wheel Well Tubes which are designed specifically for golf cars. Canopy lights have (2) 36” Canopy Tubes to illuminate the underside of your make and model’s canopy.

LEDGlow Expandable 4-Seater Million Color Golf Cart Underglow will not only enhance the appearance of your golf car, but will also deliver safety features in an appealing way. Keep yourself and others safe at night by lighting the path with this revolutionary lighting system.

Choose from a variety of colors including Red, Hot Pink, Pink, Purple, Orange, Yellow, Green, Teal and Blue. With these golf cart LED lights, you can illuminate your PTV golf car with multiple solid color options and multicolor lighting effects for a customized look that will be sure to turn heads no matter where you drive.

In addition to the color options available, you can also enjoy 5 Speed Settings, 3 Strobe Modes, a Million Color Cycle, 2 Fade Modes, 2 Flashing Modes, Color Fade & Gradient Mode, a Demo Mode, 4 Sound Modes, an S.O.S. Flashing Mode and more.

The golf cart light kits also include a 12 Port Junction Box, easy-to-use Control Box, 2 Wireless Remotes, a Connection Cable that links the Junction Box to the Control Box, and Rubber Port Plugs which help protect unused ports in the Junction Box. The second remote, underbody tube length options (the option for more tubes depends on whether or not you choose to go with the exciting add-ons, which features them in different sizes accordingly) and the 12 Port Junction Box (including Rubber Port Plugs) are new features for the kit.

Depending on your specific make and model, and whether you have a gas or electric golf car, we also recommend LEDGlow’s Golf Cart Voltage Reducer. In the event the batteries don’t deliver exactly 12 volts of power, the voltage reducer will ensure proper power and make the installation process much easier regardless of the number or type of batteries in your cart.

If you’re searching for a distinctive look to showcase your EZGO, Yamaha, Club Car and more that has been engineered for lighting perfection, LEDGlow Expandable Million Color 4-Seater Golf Cart Underglow has the answer. The next time you decide to ride your PTV golf car around a resort or on the campground, make sure your Expandable Million Color Golf Cart Underbody Lights are activated for everyone to see and experience. LED lights for golf carts are both practical and fun, which makes them the ultimate golf car accessory.

Check out all of our Golf Cart LED Lights to see all of the single and multicolor golf cart light kits for virtually any make or model. Golf car lights can make a world of difference for your driving experience, especially since these LSVs have moved beyond the golf course.