Million Color Expandable Electric Golf Cart Lights with Built-In Voltage Reducer

Posted by Matt P. on Jul 22, 2022

LEDGlow Golf Cart Kits
  • 12 Volt Gas
  • 36 Volt - 72 Volt Electric
  • Built-In Voltage Reducer
  • Expandable Golf Cart Lights
  • Add Interior, Canopy & Wheel Lights
  • Compact Lighting Tubes
  • Ultra-Bright SMD LED Tech
  • Build Custom Lighting Patterns

Golf Cart LED Light Kits are an extremely popular part of the LEDGlow lineup. We know golf carts aren’t just for the course anymore, and we take the long view when it comes to seeing them as another kind of vehicle. That’s why we develop LED accent lights that will show off your EZGO, Yamaha, Club Car or other model no matter where you’re driving.

Our latest design is a Million Color Expandable Electric Golf Cart Kit with a Built-In Voltage Reducer. These golf cart LED lights are made specifically for 36 Volt, 48 Volt and 72 Volt models.

With this golf cart LED kit there’s a Built-In Voltage Reducer so you don’t have to worry about getting an adapter. This feature comes in really handy for anyone who doesn’t know how to wire a reducer. Same if your golf cart has an incompatible reducer that can’t be used. The end result is you get an easier install with less wiring and less connections. It doesn’t get much easier to simply plug in and go.

These 4pc golf cart LED underbody lights have (2) 28” and (2) 18” flexible, water resistant 5050 SMD LED underglow tubes. With the expandability feature you can add (4) 8” Interior tubes, a combo with (2) 36” Canopy and (2) 8” Interior tubes, or (4) 12” Wheel Well tubes. For the ultimate lighting experience, build a 12pc kit with every section combined.

The next step is using the included Control Box and Wireless Remotes to select different Solid Color Modes, or a Million Color Cycle that scrolls through all kinds of variations in the shading of each solid color. Other lighting effects include Strobe Modes, Flash Modes, Fade Modes, and Sound Activation Modes that cause the golf cart lights to react to the beat of the music you’re playing.

It’s up to you when you combine colors and effects to build custom lighting patterns for your electric golf cart. You’re covered with everything for installation too. There’s a 12 Port Junction Box, Connection Cable, Mounting Hardware and more. Take your golf cart to another level on or off of the course with this golf cart light kit.