Million Color Slimline Wheel Well Lights Add-On for Underglow Kit

Posted by Matt P. on Jun 09, 2022

Million Color Wheel Well Lights
  • Million Color Slimline Wheel Lights
  • Add-On Lighting Kit
  • Connect to Million Color Slimline Underglow
  • Synchronize Lighting Patterns
  • (4) 24" Flexible Tubes
  • Ultra-Thin 5/8" Tubes
  • 3' of Wire on Each End
  • Installation Hardware

After a thorough design process, we just launched what was the most requested LED lighting system of 2021. LEDGlow’s Million Color Slimline Wheel Well Lights are an add-on lighting kit that delivers unrivaled LED accent lighting to your car or truck’s fender wells.

Keep in mind this is not a standalone kit. It connects to our Million Color Slimline Car Underglow Lights or Million Color Slimline Truck Underglow Lights.

We got so many requests from customers for Million Color Slimline Wheel Lights to go along with the underbody kits. You can combine multiple colors and lighting effects to create custom patterns for your application. Combined with the underglow lights your ride officially goes to another level at night.

What’s a Slimline Kit?

This wheel well light kit comes with (4) 24” Slimline tubes, which are ultra-thin at a diameter of 5/8”. That makes them more subtle, lighter and easier to hide. But at the same time you’re still getting vibrant wide-angle 3528 SMD LED illumination resulting in a one-of-a-kind look.

Best part is, these LED wheel lights are easy to install. Add them in the fender well or behind the strut. They daisy chain to the underbody kit so you can seamlessly connect all of the lighting tubes. Plus you only need one Control Box to activate any of the features for both kits.

The end result is custom Slimline LED wheel well lights that are sure to show off the look of any car or truck’s wheels. Experience multiple Solid Color Modes, a Million Color Cycle, Sound Activation Mode and more.