LEDGlow Junction Cable | Connect Car and Truck Underglow to Wheel Well Lights

Posted by Matt P. on May 07, 2018

LEDGlow Golf Cart Kits
  • Million Color Junction Cable
  • Connect Underglow & Wheel Lights
  • Two Kits, One Control Box
  • Synchronize Lighting Patterns
  • Wheel Well Junction Cable
  • Underbody Junction Cable
  • 5' of Power Wire Per Cable
  • Mounting Hardware

The ability to power your Million Color Underbody and Wheel Well Lighting Kit together is here! The LEDGlow Million Color Underglow and Wheel Well Lights Junction Cable gives you the ability to connect Million Color LED Wheel Well Lights to compatible Underbody Lighting Kits.

Connect to Bluetooth Car Underglow and Truck Underglow; Million Color Wireless Car Underglow or Million Color Wireless Underglow for Trucks.

The need for two separate Control Boxes is a thing of the past since the Junction Cable will synchronize select colors and effects for the underbody and wheel well tubes using the underbody lighting kit Control Box. Easily operate both lighting kits with one remote or your smartphone for effortless access to every color, lighting effect and additional features available with each LED light kit.

This Junction Cable comes with a 4 Port Wheel Well Tube Cable labeled as “F, F, R, R” to specify tube placement on the vehicle. There is also a 2 Port Junction Cable labeled as “Wheel Well” and “Underbody” for those individual Junction Cables.

To use, simply insert the Wheel Well Junction Cable and Underbody Junction Cable into the new 2 Port Junction Cable with the labels “Wheel Well” and “Underbody” for each respective cable. Then insert into the Control Box for total control of both lighting kits. With 5’ of Power Wire per Cable and the included Mounting Screws, installation will be quick and simple.

Install LEDGlow’s Million Color Underglow and LED Wheel Well Lights Junction Cable to establish smooth integration between your accent lighting systems and start creating custom patterns!